ABC Kids 2017: Part One

It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again!  No, not just the time of fabulous fall weather and impending holidays, it’s time to enter a giant expo hall full of car seats and assorted baby gear to check out the 2017 ABC Kids Expo!

The addition of the JPMA show to the lineup of expos this year translates to fewer car seat manufacturers attending ABC Kids, so we’re cramming most of our schedule into one really full day but spreading it into two great articles for your reading pleasure.


ABC Kids 2015: Day Two

Our second day at the ABC Kids Expo was mostly a foray into the world of rear facing only seats, with some combination seats and boosters thrown in for good measure. We also started increasing the sizes of the coffee drinks we’re consuming to combat our fatigue.


Lifesavers 2015 – Day 1

Two of our members were lucky enough to be able travel to Chicago, Illinois this weekend to attend the 33rd Annual Lifesavers Convention. Lifesavers is an all-encompassing highway safety conference. Its attendees range from CPSTs to Highway Patrol.

Today we were lucky enough to hear from a variety of manufacturers about their latest updates and innovations.