The Cozywoggle: Car Seat Friendly Jacket for your Littles

Winter can be tough! Getting your Littles from the house to the car without getting too cold can be such a challenge. Bulky winter coats keep those kiddos warm but they present a safety risk when worn in the car. One option that keeps Littles warm and safe at the same time is the Cozywoggle. We’d heard so many great things about this product, we couldn’t wait to try one on our own Littles!


Evenflo SureRide/Titan 65 Review

The Evenflo SureRide/Titan 65 is quickly making a name for itself in the car seat world. With some of the tallest harness slots of any convertible seat, and the ability to be used from birth, it’ll be one of the only convertibles that will expire before kids outgrow it! Did I mention is retails for $100 or less as well?!


Huggable Images Dolls Review

We would like to take this time to introduce the newest members of the CSFTL family.

These awesome additions were provided by Huggable Images, a company that makes safety training dolls and custom huggables. Huggable Images has given us the opportunity to take their dolls for a test drive and see what we think. You’ll be seeing these dolls in our reviews down the road to fill in the gaps where we don’t have children the correct age/size to fit the seat we’re reviewing. Today we’ll be looking at these dolls on their own to see how they stack up to real life children.


Combi Coccoro Review

The Combi Coccoro is a bit of a niche seat: it’s small, which means it fits great in tight spaces: both front to back and side to side (see how it stacks up to a variety of rear facing only seats here). But the downfall to a small seat is that it isn’t the longest lasting, it will be outgrown by most kids rear facing by age two and forward facing by age three.


Buckle Bopper Car Seat Release Tool Review

One of the struggles we hear about from caregivers centers around unbuckling their Littles from a harnessed car seat.

Sometimes, caregivers are eager to transition their Littles to a booster too soon because the struggle to unbuckle becomes unbearable. Whether due to arthritis, a Little who struggles during the process, or cracked skin, this can become a real problem.