Together We Tether — CPS Week 2017

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Car seats, child restraints, whatever you call them, here at CSFTL we’re big fans of this life saving technology. So deep is our love that we’ve written love songs to our LATCH manuals and haikus about snowy mornings loading the kids to drive to grandma’s house.

Believe it or not, our idea of a fun Saturday afternoon is helping as many caregivers as possible properly install car seats. As long as we’re fantasizing, we’d like a nice air conditioned garage to do those seat checks in, please.

While we have a healthy (maybe too healthy?) appreciation for car seats in general, we hold a particular spot in our CPST hearts for the top tether. The top tether is essential safety equipment for every forward facing car seat and we’ve worked hard over the years to help caregivers use the tether on every trip. The tether is a simple, elegant technology that saves lives: what’s not to love?

Preschool aged child showing a properly used tether with heart-shaped frame and the text "Child Passenger Safety Week 2017, Together We Tether."

When you look at in the right light, the tether is an ode to cooperation. This seemingly small part of every forward facing seat is a humble reminder that car manufacturers, car seat companies and writers of federal code have all worked together over the last decades to make our cars and our kids safer. We’ve made incredible progress putting these life saving technologies in every car and on every car seat.

This week, we’re focusing on making sure every caregiver can use the top tether for every forward facing child. We’ll be using the hashtag #TogetherWeTether: join us this week for reviews, articles, and giveaways and in a discussion about how we can better help caregivers get those tethers used properly. Together we can put poetry in motion.

Too much? Yeah, we’re OK with that. But get that top tether fastened.