Booster Seat Basics: Adjusting your Child’s Booster Seat

Raising a booster seat’s headrests is a pretty simple process that many parents don’t know needs to happen.  Instead, they take their child out of a booster seat too soon, which is the last thing we’d like to see! If your child is having trouble fitting into that high back booster, the first thing to do is to raise the booster seat’s headrest. You can make your kiddo safer and much more comfortable with just a squeeze!


A Growing Family’s Guide to Car Seats

When a newborn joins your family, it’s an exciting and overwhelming time! In anticipation of the newest little’s arrival, there are so many items to research and purchase. But only one of those new items is a critical purchase that’s designed to keep your baby safe in the event of a crash — baby’s first car seat. We’ll look at some important factors to consider in choosing baby’s first ride.


Unbuckle Me Review

At Car Seats for the Littles, we draw a pretty hard line around what we will and won’t review. Please act surprised when I say that 99% of the time, our reviews are solely about car seats. So when a product comes along that isn’t a car seat, and you’re seeing it here, that’s because

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Tether Anchor Retrofitting

All forward facing harnessed car seats have a top tether.  The top tether is an essential piece of safety equipment and an essential part of protecting children who ride forward facing in their harnessed car seats.

Since the model year 1999, all new cars in the United States and Canada include at least three tether anchors to connect those top tethers. These anchors will be identified in your vehicle’s manual and often with a tether anchor symbol near the tether itself.


Advanced Tether Tips

Top tethers are essential safety equipment for forward facing car seats.  They’re generally easy to find — they’re connected at the back to the top of your child’s convertible, multimode, or combination car seat.

There are two parts to top tether togetherness.  The top tether anchor on the car seat and the tether anchor on the vehicle itself.


Car Seat Basics: Using the Proper Belt Path

Convertible car seats are two products in one — a rear facing car seat and a forward facing car seat. Some models also include a bonus third product — a booster mode. Like a DVD player built into a TV, or a crib that converts to a toddler bed, it’s convenient to bundle these products, but that means there are features that could be misused. All convertible and multimode seats include two belt paths — one for rear facing mode and one for forward facing mode.