Kidz in Motion 2015- Day Two

We’re on our final day here in sunny Florida! Kidz in Motion’s child passenger safety conference is a great place for CPS technicians, instructors, and safety professionals from across the industry to meet, encourage each other, and to learn about new trends or techniques.


Lifesavers 2015 – Day 1

Two of our members were lucky enough to be able travel to Chicago, Illinois this weekend to attend the 33rd Annual Lifesavers Convention. Lifesavers is an all-encompassing highway safety conference. Its attendees range from CPSTs to Highway Patrol.

Today we were lucky enough to hear from a variety of manufacturers about their latest updates and innovations.


2014 IIHS Booster Ratings

Since 2009, the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), has been annually releasing their booster ratings, based primarily on fit of the 6 year old dummy, and, as we all know, fit is the best indication of performance. No matter how much bling your booster has, if it doesn’t place the seatbelt properly on your child, it can’t do its job.


KIM Conference 2013: Day Two

Another day over at this year’s KIM conference with some big news from Dorel. Here are some fun things I got to play with today along with Dorel’s big news.

Safety 1st Incognito Backless Booster
Here it is everyone! Designed with big kids in mind. The colors match most vehicle interiors and no armrests mean that no one can see they’re in a booster.